Women in Business

- Education and Empowerment -

Boston College Women in Business is an organization, network, and community of undergraduate female students dedicated to their empowerment and education. WIB is committed to the growth and expansion of professional and personal opportunities for its members, with a focus on business, leadership, and female celebration and innovation. Additionally, the group is devoted to helping students answer Father Himes' three crucial questions in the development of their vocation:  1) What brings me joy? 2) What am I good at? 3) Who does the world need me to be?


The following series will be held every other week to increase knowledge and develop tangible skills. By signing up for the entire series you are committed to attending every event. You must attend a minimum of two events in the panel to qualify as a specified series member, something you can record on your resume and discuss in potential interviews. All of these events will also be open to the general member base.


Women in Business will host a pre-professional series to help arm you with all of the necessary tools and materials in order to get your dream internship or job. This is everything from resume workshops and consultations, cover letter dos and don'ts, case study preparation, interview intervention, and what to wear to ace your interviews!


CSOM Concentration Panel

WIB will be partnering with upperclassmen at Boston College ready to talk about their journey to "concentration clarity at BC. They'll give you the lowdown on how to best fulfill core, what rocks about their concentrations, and career opportunities. All concentrations (and the A&S minor in Management and Leadership will be represented. Following a panel there will be an opportunity to speak further in depth with girls from each concentration.

Internship Panel

We will be hosting a panel to discuss various internship positions undergraduates have held in the past two summers. Learn about the interviewing and recruitment process in general, how relevant their coursework related to the position, and details on the job and work environment. Networking and further individual discussion with the panel to follow. Companies and organizations represented: Riverpark Funds LLC, EY, Black Rock, and many more to come.

Study Abroad Panel

This panel of senior Boston College women will share all the intimate details of their study abroad experience. Topics of conversation will include: how to choose your program (and receive credit for your classes!), how to plan weekend trips, what to budget, how to study abroad while in a relationship, what to pay, the importance of your passport, nightlife here vs. nightlife there, safety, and our favorite/least favorite experiences and locations (and how to ensure your iPhone survives studying abroad). Countries that will be represented are coming soon so stay tuned!


The WIB Career Corner offers a unique experience for students to understand the general structure and mission, careers available, the working environment and any personal tips and trick to a specific company.




Get excited to have WIB Talks back! Join Women in Business and senior women at Boston College for a bi-monthly discussion about women, work, leadership, confidence, and the modern debate on women in the workplace. This series aims to provide a comfortable, informal setting to promote dialogue between students regarding the topic of women and leadership.